• Adam W

    Adam W

    Aspiring Voice Interaction Designer // Audio Editor // Sound Designer.

  • Shaun Withers

    Shaun Withers

    Partnerships at www.Jargon.com, a CMS for Voice Apps

  • Štěpán Kříž

    Štěpán Kříž

    Used to be media Studies FSV CUNI, @caffeinecz drummer, responsible living creature, sound assistant @ SOUNDSQUARE facility, now father of two on a new mission

  • Julia Widera

    Julia Widera

  • Maria Spyropoulou

    Maria Spyropoulou

  • YeonJu Seo

    YeonJu Seo

    UIUX Designer

  • Carl Robinson

    Carl Robinson

    Host of https://voicetechpodcast.com, riding the wave(form). Data Scientist, NLProc R&D. Paris, France. #voicefirst Got a voice article? http://bit.ly/2MLsjA7

  • Rogers Luis

    Rogers Luis

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